Tank Trouble Description:

The Trouble Tank is a tank game where you can play both 1 player, 2 players or 3 players. The objective of the game is to move the tank around the stage trying war than bullets that bounce not give your tank . The game’s controls are displayed when you choose the number of players in the game. The classic fighting game tank, with extra capacity allows up to 3 human players. The battle takes place in several stages, like a maze. They have to move your tank, and hunt down your opponents. The game is simple the graphics, even more than meets the mission of high doses of addictiveness for which it is designer, and that is simply to allow multi-player game.

player 1= arrows-steer m-shoot

player 2= e-forward f-right d-backwards s-left q-shoot

player 3= mouse-steer click-shoot

- Parnters:

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